Turquoise Trail

Seeking a campground led us to an alternate route from Albuquerque to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Rather than taking I-25 north, we took a narrow canyon road, Highway 14, also known as the Turquoise Trail.

We found the campground a few miles up and were excited to set up camp. On the way through this rural area we encountered horses and a thrift store with great used books. The clouds were magnificent and the scenery was lush.

We were all settled into a game, and dinner, in a little piece of heaven. We were surrounded by brilliant colors, purples and pinks to the east, oranges to the west.

There was a riveting lightning show once the sun set and it had us captivated. The weather reported some rain, but the storm seemed too far out, especially after the beautiful sky at night fall.

After we were tucked in reading a story, we could hear the thunder in the distance and see the lightning continue flashing the sky through our tent. As if God was taking to load of pictures. That’s when we began to worry. Our tent is not waterproof.

And sure enough, it started pouring. Needless to say, we slept in the van that night.

The next morning our adventure continued. Afterall, we woke up in this beautiful remote wilderness.

We took our time getting ready, drying things off, then headed north on Highway 14 towards Santa Fe! The drive took us through beautiful rolling hills with scattered residences and pure post-storm beauty. We even stumbled upon a great estate sale and couldn’t pass it up.

The next time we venture through the Turquoise Trail, we vowed to stop at the little town of Madrid. Other than being excited for Santa Fe, it was very busy the day we drove through, but it looked very charming.