Southern Utah

Our drive through southern Utah began at the Four Corners Monument, where we headed directly for Bryce Canyon, but had intentions to split the trek and grab a campsite at Calf Creek Falls on the way. After revisiting the map, I can assure you we took the scenic route. It was well worth it. Driving through the multiple-colored mountainous layered rock walls protruding the vast open lands of southern Utah was captivating. We were blown away with the beauty.

After driving for about an hour through the majestic country side, we fueled up and rested at Twin Rocks Trading Post in Bluff, Utah. It seemed like the most obvious place to stop because of the awesome twin rock formations above the trading post.

Back on the road, with all day ahead of us, we continued on the scenic route through canyons and mountains exuding every hue nature reveals to us. It seemed we were completely surrounded by “the middle of nowhere,” which was a great feeling to be in.

We got to a junction where we were left with a choice to go through the snake-like Lake Powell, which was more desirable, but the Ferry to cross the water was closed, so we took the high road. We settled at a burger shack slash gas station in Hanksville, Utah. Departing from our early dinner and another refuel, the landscape began to change drastically. We were suddenly in lush lands of green rolling hills, complete with deer grazing on all sides of us.

Calf Creek Falls must be close! We could smell it! Alas, through the wooded forest lands we find the campground. A first-come first-serve campground of 13 sites, arriving at dusk, our chances were slim at getting a site. And sure enough, luck was not on our side. All sites were filled.

This is not necessarily new news for us on this trip. We’ve been forced to make alternate plans, and take alternate routes all along. We figured we’d be able to go into the nearest town, Escalante, and find a bed for the night. As the sun set, we stopped at a little BnB near the edge of town, rang the after-hours doorbell, to face a peaceful woman who empathically told us her place was full. As we continued in through the more established parts of town, the No Vacancy signs kept us on the road, until we finally found a place to rest on the other end of Escalante, Utah.

In the morning we ate at Circle D Eatery, an extra special treat. Finding great breakfast spots with great service is always a highlight on our road trips. Our tummy’s were full and our excitement for Bryce Canyon was bubbling, so we headed out on route 12 through the elevated terrain.