Acoma Pueblo (Sky City)

We made it to New Mexico, one of our family goals. Our first stop in The Land of Enchantment was the Acoma Pueblo. It’s a 367-foot mesa standing high over the surrounding area. The Acoma have continuously occupied the area for more than two-thousand years, making it one of the oldest continuously inhabited communities in North America.

We arrived at the Sky City Cultural Center to inquire about a tour since you can only visit the pueblo with a guide. While we were waiting for our tour guide and shuttle to return from the pueblo, we browsed the Haak’u Museum where we got to read and watch the history of the Acoma people. It was fascinating. We also took away some meaningful quotes from the artists who were showing works there.

Our tour guide was a local and gave us great information as we walked the mesa-top village. We also talked with locals living there. Note: you must purchase a photography pass if you are using a camera when visiting. There is no running water atop the mesa and they said they had no electricity and internet, but realized that some found a way to have that modern luxury.

While most don’t live in the ancient pueblo full time, many return for special cultural occasions to celebrate at their ancestral homes and at the mission. There are approximately twelve families living on the pueblo at any one time. The rest of the Acoma population live down in hill in another town near water.

There were many artists selling their fine jewelry and pottery. Acoma potters still carry on the centuries-old art of making the thin-walled pottery, which is widely acclaimed for its beauty and quality craftsmanship.

We would love to return during the christmas season to see the traditional dances inside San Esteban Del Rey Mission atop the mesa.

Aerial image found on Internet.

Here’s an aerial view of the pueblo: