Taos and Rio Grande Gorge

We arrived into Taos on a wet and cold evening. Around 8pm we drove through the center of town to the north and found a place with a wood-burning fireplace to rest our heads. The storm caught up with us again and enhanced this cozy pueblo experience. We didn’t spend much time in Taos—just one night and about half a day, but we enjoyed a crowdless visit to the Taos Plaza at the center of the historic district, shopped and ate amongst the damp grounds. It was perfect, really.

Upon leaving Taos we stopped at some really cool furniture shops and drove through iconic new mexico scenery. Then we crossed the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. It was breath-taking, literally. The wind was kicking up and we’re standing 565 feet above the Rio Grande River. It was exhilarating to say the least, so much that it was difficult to take photos while on the bridge in fear that our cameras would fly off the edge.

Once we got our adrenaline fix, we had to mellow-out with some smoothies and “strong hot coffee” before heading out the 64 westbound.

Shortly after the bridge we ran into an awesome neighborhood of Earthships. Next time we would like to take an educational opportunity and inquire about staying in one, perhaps for an extended period of time.

Earthship Biotecture sign image found on Internet.

After a few hours of driving through the lush Carson National Forest and many quaint little towns, we landed at a campground in Bloomfield, New Mexico, where we got to hang out with a beautiful butterfly and a talkative toad.